In a contemporary age when we have grown used to preserving our memories as data, I believe that we might also be able to visualize and preserve our memories using the medium of furniture. Therefore, regarding the character of leather as an ultra-analog storage medium, I have proposed an item of leather furniture that continually changes, as though conforming to the temporal axis of human lives.
Though we cannot project vivid memories as some video or developed photograph, the various creases and scratches left on the surface of the leather can help us to once again call up the memory of how they came to be left there. In today’s world, where disposable consumerism has become commonplace, as we savor the leather’s patina of age we might perhaps be able to fall in love furniture as we once did long ago – to experience the sensation of cherished memories accumulated in the spaces where we live.
As a rock is carried downstream along a river, its sharp corners are gradually rounded off as it seemingly adapts to its surrounding environment. This work, though it initially possesses an angular form, by blending in with the flow of time that is human life, will gradually take on a more rounded and flexible shape as it grows accustomed to its environment.